I Do

As committed as it sound when the Newly Weds say- is our team’s commitment to work when it says- “i do”

While others do the following- we lead what follows!

Concept &

Concept & Theme

A lot depends on the way the dance performances are presented to the audience. You must have a concept in every dance and then a script prepared for your flow of performances. Here, all the songs will be put in an order that forms an interesting story. The script will be written and provided giving all cues for the participants to prepare themselves backstage. This will also enable the anchors to introduce the dances and also give the DJ/musicians a cue to start and stop the music.

You may also opt to make your event thematic. Adding a theme to the event is definitely the icing on the cake and requires co ordination and preparation. The theme of the event may be manifested in the décor, food, clothing, invite, music and dance. At times each and every dance performance is conceptualized differently but a common theme ropes them all. We will ideate a theme, develop concepts within it and then choreograph the sequence based on it. The endeavor is to innovate and bring to the audience a performance which has a unique blend of creativity and thrill.



Selected songs of your preference will be choreographed and taught to the participants. Our team of choreographers will make sure you look your best while performing. So do not worry if you have two left feet! Practices will be held over the period and we recommend they be held at the Dance Feetish studio itself. The studio is for your ease and convenience and no extra charges are levied for the usage of the studio. In case you hold practices elsewhere, please note it is compulsory to have the last 2 practices at the studio. Maximum 12 sequences are recommended. The songs will be pre recorded and provided to the participants. In case you are not locally based, choreographed tutorial videos can be mailed to you.


Music Editing

Do not make the mistake of using the entire long song. Make it short, merge few tracks into one medley, add sound effects and remake the track to give it a new sound. Our team of sound engineers create magic with their music editing skills.



A script is a written version of a play or movie.

Your event is first conceptualized, themed choreographed and then put in a story format.

An entertaining, funny and innovative script, justifying the concept and theme used is then drafted. This script may be executed verbally through anchors or family members, or it may be made in a movIe or play form that is enacted by the family and friends.


Audio Visuals

LED screen based shows are in vogue. LED screen may be used for anchoring purpose, interactive dances, chroma shoots, real virtual dances, and graphics. It definitely also adds to the element of stage decor.

It is recommended you show some clippings and videos in between the performances.

The advantage of a video shoot is that you can keep trying till you get the best shot and use the selective few shots in the final output video. This may not be the case with live performances. So in case you have stage shy participants, make sure you shoot them before.

Audio Tracks

Personalized Audio Tracks

Make your own karaoke track, pre record a song in your voice, make a medley of your favorite tracks, record your personal messages in between the track and let the personalized and customized music play.


WhatsApp Invites

Wedding invitations often get misplaced or may not be handy when required. A WhatsApp invite- sends the invitation to the guests with a summary of events, timing and venue details of each along with their highlights. The guest receives the WhatsApp video or image (as they may want) and can always go back to it for reference and remembrance. This video more often than not is a smart way to create hype


Dance Troupe

Background dancers are essentially used to highlight certain solo sequences and also duet performances. They add grace and agility to the performance and make it look even more glamorous. Props and sets held by them create a different ambiance in the dance itself.


Props Costumes

Props and costumes add color and life to the performance. Certain sequences are incomplete without appropriate props. Appropriate costumes justify the concept and theme used. Props may be as basic as balloons or as elaborate as a stage backdrop. Uniform costumes worn by dancers behind the main lead, highlight the lead dancers.


Facebook Videos

Facebook has all your friends and relatives, even those whom you haven’t met in years! We make an e-invite specifying details of the event such as date, time, venue and event highlights which is uploaded and shared on facebook. You can tag all the guests inviting them to be a part of the gala affair. Facebook invites get maximum likes and comments and hey you’ve just got your event talking!



The journey from the airport to the hotel can be made very interesting by a pre recorded personalised “radio” CD that is played in the car while travelling. This radio CD not only plays relevant songs but also has a welcoming note by the host family, itinerary of the events, and fun chat with the family members along with dedications made. Original voice over is given by the family members that is pre recorded and compiled into a radio format with songs and small chats. With a radio CD u can never get bored in your journey and the entertainment begins the minute you sit in the car from the airport. This radio is often used for outstation guests who are arriving especially for the event, or for events that take place at outstation venue.