Sindhaara Function

Sindhaara derived from the term shringaar is an occasion involving pampering of the younger generation by the elders. Usually the first sindhaara of the bride is celebrated with pomp and fare where the mother in law hosts the event. The first sindhaara of the son in law is also celebrated with as much grandeur. Sindhaara function usually takes place in the monsoons, where the bride to be is welcomed in a fancy manner, made to sit on a swing ,  gifts such as clothes and jewellery are presented by the mother in law and special food is prepared to pamper the taste buds of the bride to be. In case of a son in law’s function similar arrangements for pampering him are made.


Sindhaara functions are very traditional by nature. Entertainment such as few dance performances, drama and skits, games and gift stalls is arranged.


Many also opt for live singers who sing traditional songs befitting the occasion or simply play recorded music. Not only is the venue decorated as per the theme decided, but also takeway gifts and activities such as mehendi, nail art, tarot reading, etc are arranged for guests to pamper themselves. We take care of the event from pin to table.